Mark of a Man Blend Beard Recovery – Maestro's Classic


Anthony Spadafora Maestros Classic Beard Recovery Mark of a Man

$ 33

Formulated in our signature Mark of a Man Blend, Beard Recovery is the Third Step in the Maestro's Beard Care Process.  Recovery looks like our signature Beard Butter, however its function is completely different.  Beard Recovery is an intensive beard mask and deep conditioning treatment product.  It can be used daily, but we recommend using at least once a week after washing with our Beard Wash in the shower.  After applying, wait 20-25 minutes then rinse completely for the feel of a deeply conditioned beard.

Beard Recovery contains an Anti-Aging formula to help with the following: 
  • Fights follicle aging and protects against hair loss
  • Prevents premature graying of the facial hair
  • Replenishes primary lipid of the facial hair
  •  Makes facial hair more hyrophobic
  •  Improves wet and dry combing
  •  Makes facial hair less susceptible to environmental and mechanical stress
  •  Adds lubricity & enhances shine
  •  Seals lifted cuticles, repairs split ends & smooths the hair fibers