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    Our partnership with the Wwe is finally official

    Our partnership with the Wwe is finally official

    Millions of people regularly tune in to the ultimate Wrestling Experience. The WWE Superstars require a high level of strength, commitment and passion. Each character is unique, but they all start in the same place. A place where people become champions, better versions of themselves. 

    For over three years, we’ve been working behind the curtains. Fading, shaping, and sculpting every step along the way. Previously, The Superstars could only rely on themselves to find grooming. Consistent, on brand cuts were hard to come by. Once Maestro’s Classic became an official partner of the WWE, this was no longer a problem. 

    We’ve formed a team composed of talent and skill. Each driven to create nothing short of excellence. Their precision is unmatched. Their passion is raw. Their skills, like no other. Whether it’s a simple shape up, beard sculpt, or transformation. The Barber Maestro’s are ready to take on any task thrown their way. Helping shape and define every WWE Superstar. 

    To many, Barber Shops are a place of comfort, a place to unwind and become a better version of themselves. Our goal is to bring the Maestro’s Grooming Speakeasy experience behind the scenes and give each superstar the attention and detail they deserve. 

    Though we are known as a Beard Care company, we’re so much more. We help shape, build and improve. Always using creativity and hard work. When looking for partnerships, we look for those that lead; true titans of industries. From our pasts with NASCAR and the 76ers, we’ve always been surrounded by Maestro’s.