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    Bubba Wallace and the Nascar Beard Movement

    Bubba Wallace and the Nascar Beard Movement

    When we are young we are infused with a competitive nature. As we begin building our basic motor skills, games become how we hone our competitive skill set- tag, hide and seek, and man hunt to name a few. But to be the fastest is amongst our most primal level of competition. It gave us the highest level of satisfaction to win a foot race. At a point when we are young, and ill developed for more, we found it to be most rewarding to run. Later in life we took it further and found instruments to make us travel faster. Instruments of movement such as skate boards, roller blades, and bicycles, and the need to best others with these was also sought after.  
    The instinct and primal urge only becomes more necessary as we get older. When we acquired vehicles to drive, without a thought to it, those instincts once again kick in. While sitting in the car at a stop light we mentally prepare to be first off the line, first to the next red light. Seems silly, yet it bubbles in our subconscious.
    Like our own need for competition fueling us, Maestro's has reached their own level of competition within the beard and grooming world, the instinct to be the best is represented in all who wear and represent the brand. Much like Bubba Wallace, the next generation of racing. In 2004, Bubba began competing in Jr. Sportsman Champion Karts and in his first season he finished second. In 2005 he won 35 of his 48 races and becomes the first driver in history to win five races in one week. Wallace has made it a habit to become the champion of his passion, just as Maestro's has in all they involve themselves in.
    They make their presence known in one of the most competitive games they know, and like their product, nothing says cutting edge like the Maestro's race car. Sleek and powerful, eye catching and respectful, just as their name represents the bearded man and movement. On August 9th Maestro's sent their team to MISpeedway to hook up the Bubba Wallace race team with some fresh cuts and product to make sure they look great on and off the track.
    By the end of that day Bubba found himself standing in the winner's circle as Maestro's often finds themselves standing amongst their competition. Bubba and the Maestro's team have formulated the perfect relationship of building a better brand and being "undeniably good". Whether you're into racing or not the respect for anyone willing to risk it all at top speeds for the sake of competition is instilled in us all. It's easy to see why the precision of Bubba's speed chariot and the beard sculpting movement blend so perfectly together. Be on the lookout for the Maestro's number 99 car and the team to be carving tracks and beards near you.
    -The Maestro Villain