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    I Am Demo

    I Am Demo

    If you are a fan of Maestro's products or beards, there’s a name you’ve probably seen several times, Demo- the brand ambassador for the growing company. Demo can be found at most events where Maestro's is in attendance, promoting the brand and educating fellow bearded brothers on how to properly care for their sweet chin glory. Demo instructs his fellow bearded brethren on beard care and maintenance at events all over, and most recently has been part of the Maestro's team taking up residency at The Wells Fargo Center of Philadelphia- where they get bearded spectators to “trust the process” of beard care.
    Hailing from Stratford Connecticut, Demo has since made his home and impact on historic Bristol, Pennsylvania. It was roughly 3 years ago when a comment on Demo’s instagram page would create a connection to Maestro's Classic. That connection soon grew from business to family. Since combining their efforts Demo has helped the company grow in a number of ways- from apparel design, to being one of the masterminds behind the scents of Maestro's glorious products.
    It is clear that Maestro's Classic has grown tremendously over the past few years, and it’s plain to see that people like Demo are a big part of that growth. When you get a chance to Instagram, feel free to stalk @I_am_demo. Believe us, you should. You will find many ways to know him and his part of the Maestro's movement more through his creativity in photographs and video editing, his dedication to bodybuilding and health, and a flourishing music career. Demo most certainly lives the life of a Maestro.
    Written by: John Banks (aka Super Maestro)